Listed below is an example of an average bi-monthly residential billing.  The District's newly adopted Rate Studies sets forth all meters by classifications. M & I (Residential, Rural, Commercial and Public Institutional) water rates are located here. The District's Agricultural water rates are located here.  Miscellaneous fees and charges are listed in "Exhibit A" of the District's Policy Manual located under the Resources tab. Connection Fees are listed here.  

Residential Bi-monthly Base Rates

Meter Class 20 $39.06
Meter Class 30 $41.86
Meter Class 50 $46.20
Meter Class 100 $53.93
Meter Class 160 $64.50

The District's water meters are read bi-monthly. Please review the District's water rate schedules or contact our office for any additional information at 530-241-1085.

Average Bi-Monthly Residential Billing Example:

Meter Class 30 Base rate - $41.86
Water Treatment Fee - $14.00
Water Usage - $0.55 per HCF