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Our Mission is to provide:

  • Safe and Dependable Water for a Variety of Present and Future Uses
  • Quality Customer Service
  • A Safe, Harmonious Working Environment

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May 02, 2019


PG&E’s is implementing its Community Wildfire Safety Program to provide precautionary measures to help reduce the risk of wildfires.  One element of the program, called a "Public Safety Power Shutoff," electricity will be turned off when extreme fire danger “red flag” conditions are forecasted.  On April 12, 2019, PG&E notified the District that with the expansion of the Public Safety Power Shutoff Program to include “tier 2” zones, all of the District’s accounts are subject to multiple day shutoffs during Public Safety Power Shutoff events.  The Public Safety Power Shutoff program now includes all electric lines...

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Summer Weather Safety

Summer Weather Safety

June 01, 2019

Summer doesn't officially begin until June 21 here in the Northern Hemisphere (the summer solstice is the day when the sun reaches its highest elevation, making it the longest day of the year), but summer weather often jumps the gun. 

May 31 was National Heat Awareness Day, and the summer heat certainly seems to have settled in and made itself at home here in the waning days of spring.It is crucial to know the dangers of summer weather, and be prepared. Here are some helpful tips:


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