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Public Safety Power Shutoff Event - Prepare now!

Based on current weather forecasts, our area is currently under a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff watch.  The current weather forecasts red flag conditions with high winds, and hot dry conditions, that may result in PG&E turning off power to help prevent a wildfire.  Most of the District’s PG&E accounts are within the scope of this shutoff. 

The District is highly reliant upon the power grid to pump water from the Sacramento River, provide treatment and disinfection and to boost pressure into several pressure zones. A PSPS event will require the District to utilize backup generators to power pumping plants and other key facilities to keep water flowing, provide treatment, maintain storage and fire flow, and keep water distribution lines pressurized.  Some zones will switch to low pressure for the duration of the PSPS event until power is restored.

What Can I do?

Before a PSPS event:

  1. Make sure your contact information is updated with the District by calling (530) 241-1085 or emailing info@bvwd.org as well as your local energy provider (PG&E or REU).
  2. Perform laundry, dishwashing and other high water use activities in advance of the
  3. Run irrigation systems and store water in the soil root zone
  4. Identify your unique/critical water needs and plan ahead
  5. Clear property of excess, dead and highly flammable Trim grass and vegetation at least 100 feet around your home. Clearing should be done in the early morning hours to avoid the possibility of starting a fire
  6. Clean your gutters
  7. If you have a backup generator, test it and ensure it’s ready to operate safely

If you are affected by a PSPS event:

  1. Please conserve water and postpone outdoor water use until after the event, if possible!
  2. Expect that water pressure will be reduced
  3. Minimize indoor water use during an event to leave water in storage
  4. Stay tuned; there will be ongoing updates available from PG&E, social media, news media and on the District’s website

After a PSPS event:

  1. Reset and adjust your irrigation controller while resetting other electronics
  2. Irrigate and replace soil moisture
  3. Prepare for the next PSPS
  4. Check regularly for updates from the District and PG&E.

Here is what we are doing to prepare:

  • We have installed backup generators to power pumping plants, the water treatment plant, and other key facilities to keep water flowing, maintain storage, and keep water distribution lines. However, not all zones have backup generators and therefore some zones will have reduced and noticeably lower pressures until power is restored.
  • We are working with PG&E to ensure we receive as much advance notice as possible so we can prepare and initiate our procedures to ensure continued water service to customers.
  • When a PSPS event is called, we fill and maintain water storage tanks for maximum storage
  • The District may pre-position portable generators at designated critical facilities and we have made arrangements to keep these generators fueled throughout the outage event.
  • We are managing vegetation around our facilities to reduce fire danger.

For more information on PSPS, please visit:



For water emergencies, please contact BVWD at: (530) 241-1085

We will need public cooperation to conserve water and ensure we maintain critical water supplies!