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New Year! New Yard! Landscape Makeover Contest

The drought this past year has brought water shortages and regulations to conserve water all over Shasta County. To help local residence conserve water Shasta Master Gardeners, Shasta College and the College Corps program have teamed up with KIXE PBS to promote water-wise landscaping.

They are doing this by offering a landscape makeover contest. The winner gets a free 500 square foot landscape makeover to show how water wise landscaping can be beautiful and beneficial to your wallet and the environment. Here are the contest requirements below…

  • Must currently have a lawn.
  • Must own or have legal control of the property.
  • Easy access to landscape area for equipment and materials delivery.
  • Must include a picture of the current yard.
  • Be located within a 20-mile radius of Shasta College.
  • Cannot be an employee of KIXE PBS or Shasta College.
  • Be willing to allow the makeover to be filmed and to allow students access to work on the landscape.

Final landscape makeover will be shown during the March 25 workshop.

Registration Deadline: February 18, 2023

See Flyer:  https://clients.ruralwaterimpact.com/documents/503/Shasta_College_Water_Wise_Landscape_Makeover_Flyer_230209.pdf