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Seasonal Adjust: It is the right time to adjust outdoor irrigation run times

With cooler temperatures, this is an ideal time to reduce outdoor irrigation and adjust controller run times.  Most irrigation controllers have a seasonal adjustment or water budget feature that adjusts run times by percentage. For example, if you have a zone that runs for 10-minutes and adjust the percentage to 50 percent, then the run time will adjust down to 5-minutes and all other zone run times on that program will adjust also. Some controllers have a feature allowing you to pre-program the percentage per month so the controller adjusts the percentage automatically for you. The seasonal adjust should be used at least four times a year, but always remember to not exceed 100 percent. Exceeding 100 percent will add more time to your zone run time settings and more money to your bill. Below are some general seasonal adjustment recommendations:

JULY, AUG., SEPT. = 100%

OCT., MAY, JUNE = 80%


DEC., JAN. FEB. = 20%

When rain provides the needed water for your landscape, it is best to set your controller to the “off” position, until the soil dries and irrigation is needed. Getting to know your controller’s settings will not only save water, but also money. If you still have questions about setting the seasonal adjust on your system, refer to the owner’s manual. If you no longer have the manual handy, refer to the manufacturer’s website as they usually offer operator manuals online.