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U.S. Bureau of Reclamation outlines Central Valley Project initial 2020 water allocations

On February 25, 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation provided the initial water supply forecast for the Central Valley Project as follows:

North-of-Delta Contractors (Including Bella Vista Water District)

  • Agricultural water service contractors North-of-Delta are allocated 50% of their contract supply.
  • Pursuant to Reclamation’s M&I water shortage guidelines, M&I water service contractors North-of-Delta (including American River and In-Delta Contractors) are allocated 75% of their historic use or public health and safety needs.

Based on these allocations along with the District’s supply augmentation projects which include a long-term water transfer and groundwater production, the District will not need to impose water restrictions at this time but strongly encourages conservation along with wise and efficient water use by all customers.

“Today’s allocation comes on the heels of an operations plan signed last week, underscoring the Trump administration’s commitment to bringing a sustainable and reliable water supply to California’s Central Valley. While that operations plan is based on the best available science and maximizes water supplies, we still face significant uncertainty due to legal challenges,” said Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman. “Despite the hurdles brought on by litigation from the state and others, we remain committed to providing reliable water for families, farms, cities and the environment.”

California benefited from wet weather and significant snowpack in late 2019, but precipitation and snowpack have been below average so far in 2020. The California Department of Water Resources reports that as of February 24, 2020, statewide average snow water content in the Sierras was just 41% of the April 1 average. Current Northern Sierra precipitation is about 51% of the seasonal average. “After a promising start to our precipitation season, January and February turned much drier than average,” said Reclamation’s California-Great Basin Regional Director Ernest Conant. “Fortunately, our project reservoirs are still hovering above average thanks to the wet winter last year, but with little precipitation in the forecasts, we must remain cautious with supplies and allocations this early in the year.” For additional information visit: https://www.usbr.gov/mp/cvp-water/index.html



The District offers several convenient ways to pay your utility account, in addition to the Invoice Cloud online web portal that provides web-based information services to District customers. Customers can inquire about their account balance, usage history and make payments directly from the Invoice Cloud website. The system has been designed to secure your confidential account information and financial transactions. There is a $2.95 transaction fee if using a debit/credit card for paying your bill on-line with Invoice Cloud or a $0.95 fee if using an e-check. Customers must input their own account information. For security reasons staff, cannot taking checking information. Customers that choose to utilize Invoice Cloud to pay their bill will still receive a billing statement in the mail. Online bill payments can be made through the District’s website at www.bvwd.org.



To assist Residential, Rural and Commercial Customers in achieving improved efficiency and conservation, the District is offering FREE, confidential irrigation system evaluations and will provide recommendations on irrigation equipment and scheduling to improve water use efficiency and save money. Please contact the District office or check our website for additional information.



Each year the District reviews and adjusts rates based on the previously completed Cost of Service Rate Study. Increases or decreases in the wholesale cost of water purchased from the Central Valley Project (CVP) are directly “passed through” to customers. Additionally, the District annually adjusts the remaining costs components by the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) plus up to 2% as a contingency for higher increases in chemicals and other District expenses. The revised rate schedules listed below are effective May 1, 2020.



 Meter Class                                                                    Base Rates

                                20                                                                              $42.53

                                30                                                                              $45.58

                                50                                                                              $50.30

                               100                                                                              $58.72

                               160                                                                              $66.13

                               200                                                                              $70.24

                               300                                                                              $78.84

                               450                                                                              $89.15

                               900                                                                            $111.79

                             1200                                                                            $123.47

                             1500                                                                            $133.63

                             2000                                                                            $148.31

                             2500                                                                            $161.11

                             3300                                                                            $178.92

                             4500                                                                            $201.62

                             6000                                                                            $225.72

The commodity rate is $0.59 per HCF (One hundred cubic foot).

Water Treatment Plant Improvement Loan Repayment - $14.00 bimonthly charge for all customers.

Fire Service Rates

Line Size                                                                         Base Rate

                                  2                                                                              $27.22

                                  3                                                                              $37.03

                                  4                                                                              $52.26

                                  6                                                                              $71.86

                                  8                                                                              $90.38

                                10                                                                           $113.25