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PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Event Likely - Wednesday, October 21, 2020

PG&E has informed us of another projected Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event that will happen in California and specifically in Shasta County. As a result of heightened fire risk and forecast high winds, it is anticipated that PG&E will de-energized all District facilities on Wednesday evening, October 21, 2020 and power may not be restored for several days!

The District is highly reliant upon the power grid to pump water from the Sacramento River, provide treatment and disinfection and to boost pressure into different pressure zones. A PSPS event will de-energize all of the District’s PG&E facilities including the Wintu Pumping Plant that diverts water from the Sacramento River. The District to switch to backup generators to power pumping plants and other key facilities to keep water flowing, maintain storage and fire flow, and keep water distribution lines pressurized. Even if you have power at home, District facilities may not, so PLEASE CONSERVE WATER throughout the de-energization event and postpone outdoor water use!


What else you can do?

Before the de-energization event (prior to Wednesday night) irrigate landscapes and crops, wash clothes and dishes and other activities requiring water!


During this PSPS event:

  1. If sensitive crops or landscapes show signs of stress, provide irrigation water during the day or at night, but please avoid mornings and evenings that coincide with peak water system demands
  2. Expect that water pressure will be reduced
  3. Stay tuned; there will be ongoing updates available from PG&E, social media, news media and on the District’s website


After this PSPS event:

  1. Reset and adjust your irrigation controller while resetting other electronics to prevent overwatering
  2. Irrigate and replace soil moisture
  3. Prepare for the next PSPS event
  4. Check regularly for updates from the District and PG&E


Here is what we have done to prepare:

  • We have installed backup generators to power pumping plants, the water treatment plant and other key facilities to keep water flowing, maintain storage and keep water distribution lines pressurized.
  • We are working with PG&E to ensure we receive as much advance notice as possible so we can prepare and initiate our response.
  • When a PSPS event is called, we fill and maintain water tanks near capacity.
  • We pre-position portable generators at designated critical facilities to keep our key pumping plants running, and we’ve made arrangements to keep these generators fueled during peak demand periods.
  • We are managing vegetation around our facilities to reduce fire risk.

For more information on PSPS, Please visit:




For water emergencies, please contact BVWD at: (530) 241-1085 or after hours you may call the answering service directly at (866) 509-9820 and they will reach an after hours call out person.

We will need public cooperation to ensure we maintain critical water supplies for public health and safety (i.e. drinking, washing and fire suppression).