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Prepare for PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Program!

In preparation for potential power outages under PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff Program, the District is urging customers to understand the potential impacts and to make necessary preparations. The District’s water facilities rely heavily on electrical power from PG&E for pumping, treatment and safe and reliable operation of the system. A loss of power for an extended period will result in reduced water pressure in some zones and potentially the loss of water service. Even if your home or business receives power from the Redding Electric Utility, your water service may still be impacted by this program. In the event of a scheduled power outage that is expected to affect water service, the District will provide instructions through its website, public service announcements and press releases, such as limiting water use to indoors only and for public health and safety needs to help maintain water supply for fire suppression. PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff program now includes all electric lines that pass through high fire threat areas including both distribution and transmission. While customers in high fire threat areas are more likely to be affected, a public safety power outage could impact any of the more than 5 million customers who receive electric service from PG&E due to the interconnected nature of the electric grid. Visit: www.pge.com/wildfiresafety

The District is preparing for power outages by installing generators at critical locations. Generators are installed at the District’s primary Wintu Pumping Plant and Water Treatment Plant facilities. Three of five recently ordered generators have been delivered and installed. Two remaining generators have been ordered but will take several more weeks for delivery. Employees are preparing for outages by reviewing and updating standard operating procedures and the District Emergency Response Plan.

The District is committed to providing the reliable 24/7 service our customers expect and will make every effort to provide continuous water service during outage events. However, pressures may be reduced and outdoor water use may be restricted during power outage events depending on the expected outage duration and other circumstances. The extent and duration of potential power outages are relatively unknown and may last up to 5-days or more. As such, we urge all customers to prepare for possible multi-day outages by taking the following steps as soon as possible.

  • Update your contact information with the Bella Vista Water District and sign up for alerts from the District by subscribing for alerts on our website: bvwd.org
  • Update your contact information with PG&E (if you are also a PG&E Customer) to receive advanced notifications or sign up for alerts about Public Safety Power Shutoff events by going to prepareforpowerdown.com
  • Update or create a family emergency preparedness plan: https://www.ready.gov/make-a-plan
  • Have a 3-5 day emergency supply of drinking water available
  • Plan for medical needs, such as medications that may require refrigeration or devices that need power
  • Identify backup charging methods for phones and keep hard copies of emergency numbers
  • Know how to open garage doors during loss of power
  • Build or restock your emergency kit with flashlights, fresh batteries, first aid supplies, and cash



To assist Residential, Rural and Commercial Customers in achieving improved efficiency and conservation, the District is offering FREE, confidential irrigation system evaluations and will provide recommendations on irrigation equipment and scheduling to improve water use efficiency and save money. Please contact the District office or check our website for additional information.

Agricultural Customers can utilize the services of the Resource Conservation District of Tehama County for irrigation evaluations at NO COST! Contact an irrigation technician to schedule a Mobile Irrigation Lab appointment. https://www.tehamacountyrcd.org/services/lab2.html (530) 527‐3013, Ext. 102




The District’s regular office hours are as follows: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm; Friday – 8:00 am – 3:30 pm. (June 1st thru September 27, 2019).



Board of Directors’ Meetings are open to the public and are generally held the 4th Monday of each month. Information, including Board Meeting Agendas and prior meeting Minutes, can be reviewed online at: www.bvwd.org