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District Meeting or Exceeding Conservation Objectives, Exceedance Penalties Reduced!


Through September overall conservation within the District has exceeded conservation objectives. The vast majority of customers have cut water use beyond the adopted shortage measures (75% of historic use).  Please keep conserving, your efforts to save today will help ensure we have enough water to meet future needs.  The District’s adopted water shortage measures were necessitated by the historically low water supply from the Central Valley Project, with zero water for Agricultural users and only 25 percent of the historical use for the past 3 years for all other users.  Collectively, our customers have met and exceeded the District’s conservation objectives!  It is important to continue conservation practices and efforts in preparation for a possible fifth successive dry year and an extended drought.


Exceedance Penalties were a necessary disincentive for customers exceeding water allotments. Because the District took action early on, and customers responded, the District is now able to reduce the severity of the penalties, prospectively, for the remainder of this water year which ends February 28, 2016.  At their meeting on October 26, 2015, the Board of Directors authorized a reduction of the penalty rate from $1.50/HCF and $2.50/HCF for use greater than their allotments up to 120% and use greater than 120%, respectively to $1.00/HCF effective with billings on November 1, 2015. The District will continue to monitor water use and available supply closely.  Please continue to conserve and use water wisely!